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The Old Way
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Waste time and energy on unreliable and expensive market research
Rely on questionable sources and outdated analysis
Struggle to identify insights, trends and seize opportunities
Miss many opportunities and make low ROI investments
Rely on trial and error to find winning opportunities
Waste years on shots that miss the mark while competitors gain market share
Feel overwhelmed by the constantly evolving market landscape
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Have very little fun and make way too much effort for the ROI you get
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Enter any product or business URL into Osum
Grab yourself another cup of coffee as the Osum AI engine does all the research and analysis for you in a matter of seconds
Discover actionable insights you can use immediately
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Achieve spectacular results in your career and business.

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Supercharge Your Market Research With AI

Automate your competitor analysis and get market insights in moments

Frequently Asked Questions

Osum is a powerful tool that delivers instant deep-dive market research reports on any product or business. Osum can do this for emerging companies, products, and market trends.
It provides valuable insights to save you time on research and analysis, allowing you to make well-informed decisions. Osum can help your growth by giving you insights into your competitors, customers, opportunities, and strategies.
Simply search with Osum and get a complete market research report within seconds.
Osum is designed for individuals and professionals who want to stay ahead in today’s rapidly evolving market, make informed decisions, and identify upcoming trends and emerging disruptive opportunities to gain greater market share.
This includes investors, entrepreneurs, business owners, marketers, and anyone seeking to enhance their customer knowledge and capitalize on gaps in the market.
Businesses, agencies, small teams, consultants, and freelancers can use Osum to save time on market research and focus more on strategy and execution.
Yes, Osum is suitable for any industry. The AI-powered expert analysis covers a wide range of sectors and markets, helping you to identify trends and opportunities across various fields. As new opportunities emerge, Osum adapts to deliver insights relevant to your interests and needs.
Osum leverages a variety of proprietary sources which are reviewed, improved and updated regularly. We have designed advanced AI algorithms to process and interpret the data to generate reports that are easy to understand and use.
Osum’s market research is based on real-time and historical data from millions of websites and online platforms to provide insights on the latest trends and changes in the market.
Osum sources the most recent data within seconds and generates reports you can easily understand and use to improve your product development and growth strategies.
Think of Osum as your marketing guru. It dives deep into what makes the customers of any product or business tick. Deep-dive insights into any marketing and sales strategy helps you to speak directly to their wants and needs. This means your messages hit home, turning more browsers into buyers. Ditch the guesswork. Increase your win-rate with Osum.
Osum gives you a treasure map for market opportunities. It sifts through the sand to unearth the gold hidden within —be it a market trend you can capitalize on or a needs gap you can fill. The Osum tool arms you with knowledge so you can confidently chart a course for growth, making sure you're always one step ahead of your competitors.
Osum assesses the strengths and weaknesses of any product, whether it's yours or the competition, recommending strategies to generate wins. Whether it's a tweak here or an overhaul there, Osum ensures your product not only meets the market standard but stands out as the leader of the pack to set new benchmarks for your industry.
That's our goal! Think of Osum as your strategic co-pilot, guiding you to success with your market validation and customer satisfaction. It gives you the inside scoop on what your competitors are missing and what your customers are craving, so you can refine your ideas into winners. Plus, by dialing into your customers' deepest desires, Osum helps you create connections that turn first-time buyers into loyal fans.
The Osum AI market research software is built to be very intuitive and does not require documentation or tutorials. We do not conduct demo or sales calls. We have built solutions for your evaluation directly into the site so there are three ways to sample what Osum has to offer before starting your plan.
1: There is a demo video on the top of the home page at https://osum.com
2: There is an interactive sample report lower down on the home page at https://osum.com/#sample
3: Visit https://osum.com/pricing where you can hover over the rows in the table to peek at sample section previews.
You are welcome to try Osum now for 7 days to explore real reports based on custom searches and experience Osum tailored to your goals.
We're glad you're interested in the accuracy of Osum's data sources. At Osum, we pride ourselves on leveraging proprietary sources that are not only accurate but constantly being reviewed, improved, and updated to ensure we provide the most reliable information available. While specific details about our data sources remain confidential, we understand the importance of transparency for our users. If you require detailed sources for any report, we offer a premium service where for $17,500 USD, you can receive a report in PDF and Word format, complete with detailed sources and printable data in an Excel sheet, accessible to any number of users. Alternatively, our regular subscription continues to offer substantial value, providing a majority of the benefits of our premium custom reports, sans sources and references, curated to meet your needs without the detailed breakdown. We appreciate your understanding and are always here to ensure you receive the most accurate and valuable data to support your goals.
In Osum, an individual report is defined as a "Workspace," and we are dedicated to constantly enhancing these workspaces with additional functionalities. This includes the capability to interlink multiple workspaces into what is termed a "Project," effectively grouping various report workspaces under a single umbrella for comprehensive analysis (coming soon!) On the other hand, "Predictive Surveys" are specialized sections found within these reports. We are actively developing a separate tool designed to facilitate the execution of custom surveys directly on the data gleaned from these reports, offering a more tailored and predictive insight into your market and customer research efforts.

Cut Research Time From Weeks To Seconds